Florida medicinal marijuana

Voters in Florida not Worried About Election Time

Voters in Florida not Worried About  Medical Marijuana Come Election Time

medical marijuana

In a short handful of months, nine to be exact, Florida will be voting on the issue that has been coming up in over 20 different states in America. The issue of Medical Marijuana being used as a treatment for certain diseases. Republicans, in particular Gov. Rick Scott, are opposed to amending the Constitution to allow for marijuana to be used as a treatment for various diseases. Though the amendment proposed only lists nine diseases to be allowed the treatment of Medical Marijuana, Republicans state that by approving the drug for treatment of diseases will open the doorway for crack-pot doctors to write prescriptions for people who are not sick to be able to obtain marijuana for recreation purposes.

Florida For Medicinal Marijuana

However, a recent poll of the population shows that the people of Florida are not worried about this happening. It appears that with the California legislature approving the use of Medicinal Marijuana not causing an up rise of fake doctors. This shows the people of Florida that florida medical marijuana can be a thing that allows Florida to join the growing number of states in America to bring back a substance that once was used for everything.

Florida medicinal marijuana
Marijuana used to be used for the treatment of a lot of things in the past. From jaw infections to multiple sclerosis, the benefits of using marijuana as a medical drug has both liberals and conservatives approving of this drug being brought back to the medical community as a viable drug. Especially since it has been shown to help patients who even have AID’s. Doctors and patients both are excited to have marijuana rejoin the ranks of prescribed drugs.
However, many of the ones that oppose the new legislature have come out with some reasons as to why the drug should not be approved. These reasons make everyday doctors appear to be bumbling idiots since the wording of the new amendment stipulates that “should a physician feel that the benefits outweigh the consequences” he or she can prescribe marijuana to any of their patients. They site a teething toddler being capable of gaining the drug to help with the pain of teething.


Parents Views on Medical Marijuana in Florida

Florida medical marijuana

This also puts parents in a lower esteem, making a parent who goes with the intent of gaining a prescription for medical marijuana for their child to be nothing more than knuckle-dragging idiots and drug addicts. This is, of course, nothing new when it comes to people who oppose things that can help the population. Even when breast-feeding came unpopular these same people made parents seem horrible for choosing that method of feeding.

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