Medical Marijuana Florida

Florida Pushes for Medical Marijuana

Florida Pushes for Medical Marijuana

It looks like medical marijuana could affect the way the voters pick their political leaders in the 2014 Florida elections, a decision that may be of some concern to the governor of that state. Governor Rick Scott has made his opinion known that he is against any initiative to legalize medical marijuana in its present state, however, the Florida Supreme Court disagrees and approved the measure to have it placed on the ballot.

Medical Marijuana Florida

Because of his stance against Florida medical marijuana, Rick Scott has found himself lagging in the polls, which gives his chief contender, former governor Charlie Crist a chance to take the lead. Crist, who was once a Republican candidate, switched sides after losing an election, favors the measure and is now on the Democratic ticket. Governor Scott made his opinions known when he attempted to derail the legalization votes, but failed as the Florida Supreme Court gave their blessing.

Political pundits residing in Florida are suggesting that this may not be a battle that Scott should fight, especially since at least the majority of Republicans that were polled are in favor of marijuana being used for medicinal purposes. As far as Florida medical marijuana is concerned, the stakes are even higher among Democrats and Independents.

Florida medical marijuana

The desire to include marijuana as an option to deal with pain has increased over the years and as other states begin to implement it, supporters of the drug are increasing their drive. Many Republican supporters of Florida medical marijuana either have or know someone who has a disease where medical marijuana will make dealing with the side effects a lot easier.

Morgan & Morgan (for the people) decided that the medical marijuana issue was one worth fighting for and plunked down $3 million of his own money towards promoting the cause. After leaving his office as governor, Crist went to work for John Morgan, together they accomplished more than a million signatures supporting the Florida medical marijuana initiative to place the choice on the ballot in the upcoming election.

The decision is certainly not gaining any popularity among law enforcement officials who see this as an opportunity to increase the use of the drug on the streets. Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County has suggested that the Florida medical marijuana initiative is just another attempt to turn marijuana into a legal drug. Democrats are not willing to admit that the marijuana vote is a ploy to increase their supporters.

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