Best Vaporizer Pens for Herb

What  are the best vaporizer pens  for Herb on the market today?  Well I guess that question depends on what its purpose is and what other purposes you decide to use it for.   What I mean buy that is many people use vaporizer pens strictly for herbal purposes, and others may use it for oil, herbal, and e-cig fluid. Also what comes into play of course is budget, as many people may know the Volcano Vaporizer is an all around “King” when it comes to vaporizers; however they are very expensive.  If your looking for an over good quality does it all vaporizer its going to be the Patriot portable vaporizer pen by Viva La Vape. This pen works as E-cig, works with wax’s, oils, and herbs really a wonderful all in one Vaporizer pen.

 Best Vaporizer Pens For Herb:

If your not balling on a budget it comes down to a two way tie and I say that because it depends on what size you are looking for. One of them is more low key and harder to notice, where the other one is still like a pen yet bigger than a normal one.  The Smaller of the two is called the Stealth Micro Vape, it runs around $100 and is a well built higher end pen style vaporizer, you can really feel the quality difference once its in your hands.  the stealth micro vape has a built in digital setting on the end of the vaporizer making heating and battery usage easily viewable. The other portable vaporizer pen is the Stealth Hybrid Portable Vaporizer  which is indescribable, basically its just one hell of a gadget a definite must have for the “tech” Smoker.  Both of these are at the top of my list list and if your in the market for a vaporizer pen I am sure that you’ve heard about issues with them breaking all of the time. So far these brands seem to be holding up and getting great reviews and feedback from them.

Best Vaporizer Pens Maintenance Review:

General maintenance is going to be a must but shouldn’t be weekly with a good vaporizer pen like these with average use should be 3-4 months just make sure you clean them with 90% alcohol and don’t push in on the adimizer or it will break just left the alcohol or custom cleaners do the work. Also a little trick for those of you who use glass tube and peaces. The best and most effective way to clean your glass and residue is with again 90% alcohol and salt. Mix the two together and swish it around for a couple of minute and everything glass you own should be back to its brand new presence.

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