Best Bong Cleaner

Best Bong Cleaner, more often than not many of you avid toker’s have to constantly clean your tubes. This can become a real hassle and time consuming when having to be done continuously. So the question here, and one that I get asked all of the time is “what is the Best Bong Cleaner“.  I must say with years of experience in the business I have seen a vast number of bong cleaners come on and off the market, and currently for those that are out now Grunge Off is with out doubt my favorite. But it also depends on your needs. Grunge off plain and simple is a soaker bong cleaner. Its wonderful for filling up your tubes at night and dumping them in the morning. If that doesn’t work for your situation then you must allow for the Grunge to soak for a minimum of two hours. If done correctly it will leave your tubes shinning brightly and smelling fresh just like the day you bought them.

On the Other hand, if your looking for something to do a great job at a super fast pace (and by that I mean 5 minutes of clean time and its dry) I would highly recommend “Formula 420 “. This cleaner here is a classic, but its a classic because it works. So if your in need for a fast quick clean I would choose formula 420, I use this one and the grunge off personally. Ther’re great 

Does anyone else have any other personal favorites? Whats the Best Bong Cleaner!

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